Edwin Berg is an international performing pianist and composer. After more than a 20 years experience as a performing and recording bandleader, he now gets on stage with a pianosolo-program called: 'Bach&Berg'. Solo, he explores the freedom of shifting and balancing between all musical worlds he has tapped into and that have inspired him. Thus, stretching Johan Sebastian’s masterpieces into his own universe and generously improvising on Berg’s own latest compositions.





Born and raised in the Netherlands with classical and popular music, Berg started enrolling into jazz and improvised music without ignoring his background. Having studied both the classical and jazz majors at the Utrecht Conservatory, confirms the exception he is in his generation. After graduating  'cum laude', searching for a deeper contact with his musical soul, Berg has travelled to New York and lived there for some time, finding  his own musical voice there. Leading trios and quartets and the fusion quartet Gizmo he always was and still is exploring the bounderies of jazz stretching towards contemporary and minimalistic music. It has brought him prizes, like the 'Best European Jazz Band Award'  (Granada 2002) and claims by the international press like: 'Pure joy!'… 'Moments of jubilee!” (Granada Journal & Festival jury) and 'Berg’s lyrical music creates landscapes of exceptional beauty” (Cuadernos dell Jazz). As a composer, a recording artist and bandleader he has played at festivals, theaters and clubs around Europe as well as in America & Japan.






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